reviver pets



Reviver asked us to craft an entirely new brand for their pets division. So we built a unique design system that was as innovative, friendly, and appealing as the products themselves.

Reviver Pets are the daily, reusable way to instantly eliminate unwanted odors that cling to cats, dogs, and pet parents. It all started by giving Reviver Pets an appealing tone-of-voice. We saw Reviver Pets as a trusted friend that could make life with a pet a little easier and a lot fresher.

Reviver Pets makes freshening an extension of playtime—so we crafted bold, playfully engaging graphics for all three varieties of Reviver Pets: Dogs, Cats, and Pet Parents. We designed their packaging, retail environments, and digital assets—making sure that the brand would stand out and make friends anywhere that it went. It’s now available in Petco nationwide. 

This project has encompassed comprehensive brand strategy, positioning, art direction, identity design, package design, website design, information architecture, development of brand lines and language and social media strategy.

reviver pets



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