2012 One Show Entertainment Award
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The network rebrand for TBS included a full on-air graphics package with animated logo. Our central aim was to bring a distinct personality to the logo by taking the network’s iconic half-circle smile and turning it into a living, breathing, three-dimensional character.

We paid careful attention to communicate all on screen information simply and concisely by using a typography bar with a vibrant single color background. This creates a balance between the information graphics and the animated logo, allowing viewers to just relax and play along.

The logo has mega-personality… and you know how we feel about personality. He’s mischievous, handsome – some say studly, even – and just plain fun. He’s also a bit of a showoff as he interacts with onscreen characters and vies for the spotlight. His arsenal of expressions and gestures – he waves, jumps, and bows as he charms, goofs, and mimics – makes him one of history’s most versatile logos; but of course his main objective is to make YOU smile.

TBS saw a significant jump in ratings and viewership, and FastCompany named the TBS rebrand as one of their Favorite Branding Projects of 2011.

This project encompassed a comprehensive on-air network branding strategy, including logo design and animation, color palette, typography, and all on-air information graphic design for menus, logo ID’s, headers and upper 3rds.

2012 One Show Entertainment

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