Ferroconcrete is on a roll, after our complete makeover of TBS, we're reintroducing TNT to the world with a complete rebrand. As always, we thought about TNT’s personality. How would TNT talk? How would it look? How could it charm and excite television audiences? Then we crafted a new design language and network graphics package for this Emmy Award winning network to promote its shows using hard cuts, full screen graphics and colorful keywords that played with scale and highlighted TNT’s great programming lineup. We explored TNT’s character and found its lighter side; it could be sexy, sensitive, funny, and playful. We took TNT’s tagline “We Know Drama” and distilled it to its core: Drama. TNT stood for hot programming, bold statements, and no apologies. Drama wasn't just a tagline, it was a battle cry.

Ferroconcrete used the TNT logo to punctuate the new tagline: “Drama”. TNT. Period. Sly, effective, and fresh messaging will expand the fanbase and update the way the brand talks to its community. Reinventing TNT’s menus and end pages improved the viewer experience and stepped away from outdated tune-in information conventions. The rebrand integrates subtle, yet efficient, social media messaging into the network graphics to expand TNT’s reach across today’s media landscape.

We created an entirely new brand system with a clean and direct focus on content, rebooting TNT’s tone of voice, color palette, and typography. Bold, fast-cut editing uses sound and image to cement TNT as the destination for drama.

At Ferroconcrete, we bring fun to the Drama.

This project encompassed a comprehensive on-air network branding strategy, including logo design and animation, color palette, typography, and all on-air information graphic design.



On-air Promo

TNT Rebrand - On-air Promo

Color Palette
TNT Rebrand - Color Pallete

On-air System

TNT Rebrand - On-air System


TNT Rebrand - Web


TNT Rebrand - Outdoor
TNT Rebrand - Outdoor
TNT Rebrand - Outdoor

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