A mark that is
as iconic as the
show itself.

NBC wanted something more than traditional branding. Their brand needed a personality: one that's personal, optimistic, emotional and human. There's energy, charisma and humanity that we can't find anywhere else. TODAY is how millions of people greet the day.

TODAY - Logo

We took the personality traits of TODAY: optimistic, uplifting, energetic, human, and expressed it by distilling the iconic Mark.

TODAY - Main

This modern, optimistic evolution expands upon the functionality of the logo mark, and evokes the morning sunrise.

The mark allows secondary typography to interact with the logo with brief, insightful messages.

To expand personality across the many segments on the TODAY show, the sunrise mark playfully transforms itself, unifying the show’s many diverse categories and segments and provides a cohesive system across all media platforms.

TODAY - Travel
TODAY - Family

The new logo is friendly and engaging, yet maintains a grown up, respectful stature. The mark exemplifies TODAY’s unique position as both a trusted news source and the home to anchors who are more like family as they share stories and events that connect us all. 


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